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Grades 2-6

Studio-lab Hours
Mondays: 15:00-19:00
Thursdays: 15:00-18:00

CCCsuccess Timetable

Program Foundation
Included in CCCstories & CCCventure

In CCCsuccess, members learn the foundation of the Curiosity Cycle process and elements. They learn about how to use questions to explore and gather knowledge about any topic, how to plan goals and acquire skills and tools to attain those goals.

They develop metacognitive skills which learning research identifies as essential for academic and professional success. They learn how they can nurture their bodies to get the most out of their studies- how to learn more quickly, retain more efficiently and why study, exercise and sleep balance are so vital to their success! The knowledge, skills and tools that they gain will be with them throughout their lives!


  • CCCsuccess

    Foundation module for stories and venture.
    Includes studio-lab and habit time!
    Mondays from 15:00-19:00pm
    Thursdays from 15:00-18:00pm

  • Session Options (Once or twice a week):
    CCCstories x success

    Grades 2-3: 15:30-17:00 (M・Th)
    Grades 4-6: 16:20-17:50 (M)

  • CCCventure x success

    Grades 2-3: 16:20-17:50 (M・Th)
    Grades 4-6: 17:10-18:40 (M)

  • CCCstories x success x venture

    Grades 2-3: 15:30-17:50 (M・Th)
    Grades 4-6: 16:20-18:40 (M)

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