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湘ゼミ Lab 湘ゼミ Lab

Shonan Seminar (SHO-zemi) has been supporting students at every stage of their learning journeys and innovating learning by applying technology to the classroom. Building on 40 years of excellence in classroom teaching, we established learning science and learning innovation labs to adapt, develop and advocate for teaching and learning efficacy methods. We apply technology to the classroom, design and conduct innovative research with some of the world’s leading universities and educational institutions, and consult and mentor for EdTech communities and startups globally. SHO-zemi values learning innovation in service to the next generation. We empower those who are both learning in today’s education system and reimagining education for tomorrow.

(Strictly Peer Reviewed)

・Fujii, K., Marian, P., Clark, D., Okamoto, Y., & Rekimoto, J. (2018). Sync Class: Visualization System for In-Class Student Synchronization. In Proceedings of the 9th Augmented Human International Conference (pp. 12:1–12:8). New York, NY, USA: ACM.

・Clark, D., Okamoto, Y., & Chiba, S. (2017). What drives student motivation? An intensive, tablet-based, experience sampling approach. In EDULEARN17 Proceedings (pp. 1378–1386). Barcelona, Spain.


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