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湘ゼミ Makerspace x ZUSHI ALGO ワークショップ


Understanding Space Through the Lenses of Technology and Art


The second workshop was offered by SHO-zemi Makerspace x ZUSHI ALGO to elementary school and junior high school children. Through the PBL (problem based learning) education method, students experienced STEAM, an interdisciplinary approach that explores subjects from a variety of angles. In this workshop, we learned bilingually about space with age appropriate content through the lenses of hands-on art and applied science.

第2回目のワークショップは、湘ゼミ Makerspace x ZUSHI ALGO 共同で、小学生と中学生向けのワークショップをお届けしました。PBL(課題解決型学習)を通して、生徒たちはSTEAM(多角的な視点から様々な科目を探求することを目的とした学際的なアプローチ)を体験しました。このワークショップでは「宇宙」について、生徒たちのレベルに応じたコンテンツをアート製作と応用科学の視点を通して、英語と日本語のバイリンガルな環境で学びました。

Explore the Milky Way with the Sphero!


In the Technology class for upper elementary and junior high school, students programmed "Sphero" robots to run on a solar system course tracing the planets through a maze. As if they were actually exploring the different planets, the children were absorbed in the trivia and treasure collecting activities!






Experiencing the Milky Way through Art

In the art class, the lower elementary children learned much about space in English, including many new English words and grammar structures, with minimal support in Japanes
e. Students painted the orbit of a planet in the Milky Way with a pendulum. They also made planets out of paper clay and completed the bucket challenge experiment to understand new words such as "gravity," "velocity," and "orbit" through experience and multiple sensory input. The smaller class size created a comfortable learning environment for the children to try out their new knowledge.


子どもたちは銀河系の惑星の軌道を振り子を使って描いたり、紙ねんどで惑星をつくったり、「バケツチャレンジ」(バケツをひっくり返しても中身が落ちてこないようにするにはどうしたらいいだろう?)といった課題をこなしながら、gravity (重力)・velocity (速度)・orbit (軌道) 等の言葉を、多感覚のインプットを通じて理解しました。小人数のクラスで、子供たちはのびのびと新しい知識を試すことができました。




The lower elementary students who participated learned new words and sentences related to space in both English and Japanese.


Presentation Time! Let's share what we learned with everyone.

After learning about space through hands-on experiments and programming, it was time to share their discoveries with each other! The students from the technology class made the Sphero robots that they had programmed run simultaneously and surprised the children from the art class. Then, students from the art class presented the planets they had made with paper clay. Though they were nervous, each child explained confidently which planet they made orbiting the sun! A round of applause erupted from the audience of parents and students after the English presentations ended.

ハンズオンの経験やプログラミングを通じて「宇宙」について学んだあとは、みんなで学びを共有する時間です!テクノロジークラスの生徒たちは、自分たちでプログラミングした Sphero ロボットを同時に走らせ、アートクラスの子どもたちを驚かせました。


Workshop Wrap-Up:Children & Parents Explore Technologies Together!

After lunch, both students and parents explored a variety of technologies loosely related to the space theme, and had the opportunity to make the orbiting planet on a stick. Everyone gained hands-on experience with technologies that are currently in use in everyday society and in the workplace. Those who were in the technology class added some artistic understanding of basic space concepts to what they had absorbed about space technology in the morning. Technologies experienced included Sphero, KOOV and VEX robotics, virtual reality, the drone and the micro:bit.

昼食の後、親子で宇宙をテーマに様々なテクノロジーを体験し、また、紙粘土で惑星を作る機会も提供しました。これらアクティビティを通して、日常の社会や職場で今日使用されているテクノロジーを全員が実際に体験し、テクノロジークラスに参加していた生徒たちは、午前中に宇宙技術について吸収したことに、基本的な宇宙コンセプトの芸術的な理解を重ねることができました。体験したテクノロジーは主に Sphero、KOOV、VEX ロボット、バーチャルリアリティ(VR)、ドローン、マイクロビット 等です。



Some parents initially felt that sending their children who did not understand English to a bilingual workshop would be challenging, but the potential of a child is unlimited!

At the end of the event, there was a child who exclaimed, "I found the sun!" The happy faces of the children carrying their art work home at the day's end was impressive.

当初、一部の保護者の方々には、英語がわからない子どもたちをバイリンガルでのワークショップに参加させることはチャレンジに感じたかもしれませんが、子どもの可能性は無限です!イベントの最後には、とある子どもが「I found the sun!」と英語で叫びました。その日の終わりに自分たちの作品を持ち帰る子どもたちの笑顔がとても印象的でした。

Watch for upcoming SHO-zemi Labs workshops for children, exploring timely topics in technology and life-focused academics.

子どもたちが、旬なテクノロジーのトピックを探究したり、学んだことを実生活に応用できるような湘ゼミ Lab ワークショップを今後もお見逃しなく!



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